Hello, Happy

My first Post, Eeek! Who would of thought that sitting behind a laptop screen writing about life experiences, positivity, friendship, love, and happiness would be so damn nerve racking, i am quite literally trembling at the thought! Thats a good thing right?

Firstly, HELLO! my name is Tameka, i am 21 years old and I currently live on the Gold coast in Australia. I  have created this blog as a creative outlet to share my own thoughts on Positivity, mental wellbeing, Friendships, Love, and life experiences – i mean being a Millennial in this day and age can be an extremely tough Gig and if i can share my own personal stories and even some of my friends experiences it may help some people out there feel  a lot less lonely in this seemingly large world. I also want to share my perspective on Happiness and the journey ultimately all of us are taking to find our own personal joy and happiness, i may even have some tricks to help discover yourself along the way.

I am by no means a professional nor am i qualified in any way so anything posted on this blog I will be simply just sharing out of passion, something i have been trying to find for a long time and recently coming to the realisation that the way we are as the human race is so fascinating, we truly are amazing if you didn’t already know! As boring as i may seem to myself, the things i have been through may be something that can really impact someone else and change their outlook in what might be a dark time for them. Everything written from this post out is simple, basic knowledge gained by reading, documentaries and 21 years of being Tameka, so i really hope you do enjoy! lol.

This is also a really great way to interact with like minded people – although i am not expecting many readers i do hope the ones that stumble across this page reach out if they can relate, new friendships are always welcome!

Well, That is all for now, this really became fun after the first paragraph i must say. A lot to learn but i am so excited to share all my bottled up thoughts with the internet haha.

If you got this far – Thank You & Goodnight xxx


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