Because Baby You’re Worth It.

Before i start take a second and ask yourself; Am I Worthy?
Am i worthy of love? am i worthy of success? Am i worthy of happiness?
To answer all of those questions in short – YES! 100% YES!
You may say “But Tameka you don’t know me, you don’t know what i did in August of 2009 that still haunts me to this day!” My reply, I really do not care, you are worthy of everything you want out of this life.

A lot of people forget to ask themselves this question daily, because they are scared to face their inner voice and the horrible things we all undeniably tell ourselves. This voice shadows your right to feel worthy of what you want and it shadows all hope of you living a positive life. The sad truth is, that if we let this voice dominate us we become unworthy of this beautiful gift of life that we have been given.

A lot of people i know are either chasing after other people to give them happiness they don’t have or they give into this constant negative battle within that stops them from achieving their goals. Focusing on your own shit, even just for one hour is one step closer to getting what you want, rather than just not bothering at all. Whether it be weights loss, a new business venture, leaving that shitty relationship you have been in for too long or just finding your own inner peace, these things all take work and finding your own self worth is required to achieve any of it.

A mental strengthening tool used by many powerful woman such as Louise Hay, Miranda Kerr & even Khloe Kardashian is Positive Affirmations. I personally don’t like to call them that, i think it is just a fancy term for Pep Talks, so lets just call them that. Pep talks can be used daily, Whenever you find that inner demon coming out to ruin your day and tell you that you can’t do something, Pep talk yourself, Pep talk the damn shit out of yourself, i mean scream it until the voice is drowned out!
When i first had the idea to start this blog just two short weeks ago i had really great feedback from my friends, they told me to go ahead and start straight away and that it would be so good for me. I felt really great until … Dun, Dun, Dun … My own inner demon came out to tell me things like; “You’re not a good writer” and “what makes you think people would even read”, well you know what demon, Lets call her Nancy for fun, Well you know what Nancy i honestly Do. Not. Give a. Flying. F*ck! I personally like to swear in my Pep Talks just to give it that extra Omph if you know what i mean. So please do whatever you have to do to reach so far into that subconscious mind of yours and convince yourself that YOU ARE WORTHY!

A daily struggle for most can and will become your biggest asset, you are going to achieve so many big and wonderful things with the power of self worth and truly acknowledging within yourself that this is the truest form of you.
Yes, you are worthy of that new car, Yes, you are worthy of designing your own clothing line, Yes, you are worthy of motherhood and having that beautiful family you always dreamed of. I personally want all of these things for you and i hope you can pass this message on to other women who need that little bit of extra help and inspiration in finding their own self worth.

Please know that Self worth is not selfish, it is acknowledgment of how powerful you are to design and live out your very best life.

Sending Love,

Tameka xxx


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