The Law of Attraction

Law of attraction – The belief that by focusing positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

This is the most basic way i can explain law of attraction – But there is so much more to this new thought philosophy that i want to take you guys a lot further into, this belief is known as the secret to life, and whether your a believer or a skeptic just take a second to read through this and take yourself to a real life circumstance where this has been put into play.

The subject of Law of attraction is such an interesting topic for me, i could sit and talk to like minded people about it for hours, i could even talk to skeptics about it for hours because i find it very interesting to hear an opposing opinion. Basically the Law of attraction is based on a persons energy fields – Imagine yourself as a ball of energy and whatever energy you are giving out is what you will attract back like a magnet therefore giving the term law of ATTRACTION. 24 hours of every day you are a constant ball of energy whether the energy be positive or negative it is fuelling the outcome of your life every second of every day. If you are currently in a situation where you have an overwhelming amount of bills and little money to pay for them, and your workload is getting on top of you and your boss won’t give you a break, and on top of that your relationship is currently breaking down this is the prime example of the Law of attraction at work. If you are in this situation you would know that when you have bills, increased workload, a nagging boss and a broken relationship your outlook on these problems is not going to be great, you would be feeling a lot of stress, unhappiness, anger and depression these feelings would then be fuelling your never ending energy field, Whilst you let these feeling fuel your energy field you are then attracting more of these problems into your life therefore your life can never become better. This is the outlook negative people have, This is the outlook i want to change.

With all that being said above the exact same process works in reverse. Lets say you are in a growing career, and your finances have never been better, and on top of that your relationships with friends and family is as tight as it has ever been, This would all be happening because you have an energy field of love, gratitude and positivity therefore giving you more of these feelings and experiences. The law of Attraction is ultimately known as the law of Love, the more love you consciously show these people and situations the higher your energy field is therefore attracting more of it. There are so many ways you can improve your life by tapping into this inner power and unleashing the magnitude of how great your life can really be. At first it can seem like a chore, showing gratitude and feeling thankful for everything you have but after the first couple of days making a full time effort you will notice a difference, a shift in energy and my god when you first feel the shift, this will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life.

Let me tell you about when i first heard about the law of attraction. It was a year and half ago now and i was living in a house with one of my best friends Jess, i was going through a form of depression due to a breakdown of friendships and financial problems, Jess was also going through a low stage as she had been made redundant and was in search of a new job, to say the least our household was not a happy one. I remember coming home one day from work and Jess running out to me and saying “OMG Tameka, So i was talking to Brent today and he told me to watch this movie called ‘The Secret’, and i think it has changed my life” she then proceeded to tell me what it was about and i sort of shrugged it off like it had no relevance to me and left it at that. Weeks went by and jess was proceeding to get happier by the second, her life was falling into place before my eyes and i couldn’t understand why, she would constantly be smiling and telling me to cheer up and be positive she tried her hardest to drum it into my head but i guess i was so deep in my own head i refused to listen to her, at once stage it made me angry that she was so happy.
I finally caved and said okay show me this movie you have been absolutely raving about, she nearly jumped through the roof she was so excited that i was ready to learn about this new found passion of hers. well to be honest, i watched this movie and my life did change, in so many ways.

Its like you have this new found vision as cliche as that may sound, it feels like a rebirth. I was on a constant high, we both were, the only way i could explain it is when you are having a few drinks and you are at that extremely happy stage where you are still in control but you are so damn happy, nothing could go wrong, life is beautiful, there is so much to be grateful for! I would feel butterflies in my stomach for no reason, the type of butterflies where you have a massive crush on someone and they would walk by and give you a smile, This really did prove to me how much i was and still am in love with my life.

After watching the secret i started reading books, one of the first was ‘The Magic’ this book was a 28 day guide of how to change your life, it gives you daily tasks to do and by the end its just something you should be incorporating into everyday life as habit. The first task you’re given is to write 10 things down that you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them at the end you have to say ‘Thank-you’ and when you say it you have to really tap in and mean it, really feel the feeling of gratefulness. This was a challenge to me at the start i mean to think of all the things I’m grateful for, i was getting down to being grateful for the curtains on my windows so it would block the sun when i would try to sleep in!! then i would think to myself am i being grateful enough for these little things, if your asking yourself if you truly are grateful, don’t! stop using your head and try using your heart, try and give yourself those butterflies to symbolise how you really feel about the little things in life that do bring you joy in big and little ways and that you want more of.
To some people the Law of attraction will seem like a bunch of shit and to be honest i have tried to tell people about it and they have said this to my face, The law of attraction is a belief system, just like every other religion has its form of God, it is up to the person them self to choose what they believe in, this belief system helped me through a dark time in my life and i practice it every single day to bring me new opportunities, my world really is my creation now, This is the most in control i have ever felt and to be honest i am so happy i have discovered this when i am still a young 21 year old that has my whole lifetime ahead of me. i can only hope that this inspire others to look into the law of attraction, Please go and watch ‘the secret’ they will explain it so much better and they give real life examples of its success, it really does blow your mind how much this has improved peoples life. I wish you all the best with your self discovery!

Sending Love,

Tameka xxx


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