An Open letter to my teenage self & Tips to surviving your teenage years

Dear Tameka,

How are you?
Wait i already know… You are currently stumbling your way through high school, graciously failing 80% of your classes and trying to prove to the world that you know everything when honey, you just don’t so please stop.

Let me lay down a little advice for you that i know you would of loved to read if you had the chance or maybe you would of just disagreed with everything I’m about to say and threw a tantrum, I’m going with the latter on that one. I will start with saying your high school years are your best and EASIEST years, i know you feel like the assignments are too much and that the teachers are all out to get you but i promise you these are your years to just be a teenager, school is not as bad as it seems, don’t focus on how many times you fail but focus on what you have strengths in and what you do enjoy because thats all that really matters afterwards. QCS is not a huge deal as much as the teachers tell you it is, and you don’t end up in university *thank god* and still to this day it is one of the things i did right for myself because you end up learning a lot more going straight into the workforce than what you would have sitting in lectures. Plus you had the bonus of earning money which there comes another point, Tameka Anderson you need to save some damn money Girl!!! you are 21 now and your still broke as hell living paycheque to paycheque, knuckle down now so future you isn’t living like that.

When you have the chance take a look around at the people you are hanging out with, this will change, your circle will become smaller and all for good reason. One thing you will learn about friendships is quality not quantity at one stage you were obsessed with having a million friends but not paying attention to the few really goods ones you had right in front of you, i don’t think this is something you need to know i just think this is a really good lesson you will go through. Boys, well not much to say here hahaha i believe you have just always known your self worth when it comes to this subject and you haven’t lowered the bar for anyone so good on you, the right one will come along eventually. Everyone in your current circle knows that you are very two faced, and boy you aren’t afraid to admit it, well, you should be and you need to knock that shit out right now, You have heard this from your mother and father but its so true if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all. Its super easy, super simple just keep your damn mouth shut, if you have a problem with someone tell them to their face you will end up in a lot less trouble this way. Your parents, my god some days you are an absolute nightmare, just chill out and stop being so nasty to them because when you are my age as hard as it is to believe they are now your best friends, you will confide in them about everything and they help you a lot with just getting through life, so please think about what you are going to say to them before you say it. Going to that party, or going late night shopping, sleeping over at a friends house, or getting that new mobile phone when the say no its not just because they have some evil plan to ruin your life they are saying it for reason, no they don’t need to fucking tell you the reason just live with it and stop being a whiny little bitch!!

I could go on for hours giving you the heads up but all you really need to know is when you get to 21 you still don’t have your life figured out but don’t worry nobody does. You are making all the right decisions for yourself, your circle of friends and family is amazing and so supportive of everything you do, your independent, strong willed, crazy sometimes, and you are finally learning to love yourself and be happy with it, which as you would know, has been a difficult task but you do get there don’t worry!! Tameka, You are doing everything right for your life and as bad as things may get they do get better so just keep your head up and be yourself because you’re pretty damn great.

Love always,

Your Future Self xx

I thought with this blog i would do a second section that incorporates in with the first and put a list of ‘How to survive your teenage years’ i mean we are all so awkward and mindless when we were going through high school so heres a list of things i wish i knew back then!

  • Be Nice to your parents
  • Your foundation should match your body
  • Don’t cut your own hair….. Ever!
  • Stop spending your money on McDonalds, you don’t need it.
  • Take every opportunity provided to you
  • Stop trying to fit in and be yourself!
  • Shaving your legs isn’t all its cracked up to be
  • Black Box hair Dye is never a good idea not the 1st, 2nd or 27th time
  • You don’t know it all, so Learn to take advice.
  • Don’t steal your parents alcohol, they will notice.
  • Go on all your family holidays, you aren’t too cool for them and the party you would miss if you do go isn’t going to be that great anyway, trust me.
  • Surround yourself with ambitious people that have life goals and want to do something with their life
  • Learn how to say no when you feel uncomfortable, your gut feeling is generally always right!
  • And finally, Stop ranting over Facebook posts, when you get older you cringe at the sight of those old posts bagging out your family to the whole world.

This Blog was created in Collaboration with one of my closest friends Jen (Take it like a mum) she will be doing a similar one over on her site if you want to go take a look! Link is below.


6 thoughts on “An Open letter to my teenage self & Tips to surviving your teenage years

  1. Wow Tameka!! You have such a beautiful soul.. Very insightful, absolutely hilarious, you write from your experiences, very raw and honest with your writings. I LOVE IT!!
    Good on you, you’re helping alot of our young ones without truly realizing how much of an impact you’re making.. Shit i wish i had read something like this while i was at high school Haha!

    You’re a Gem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW… I am so proud of you my girl, you have grown into this amazing woman. At the age of 16 I would never have imagined you saying anything of what you have in this post.
    Love you to the Moon and back and much more xxoo

    Liked by 1 person

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