They Come and they go, the only ones we truly regret, are the ones we didn’t take. Thats right, this week i am talking about opportunity or chances if you will. I missed posting last week because i had an opportunity arise to go camping with my closest friends and family at a place we used to go quite a bit when i was a teenager, i saw this as a perfect time to really connect with the people around me and relive old memories. another reason i didn’t post last week was lack of inspiration, i couldn’t think of what i wanted to write about and didn’t want to post something of poor quality, then it hit me right in the face – Opportunity. Taking the trip out to the dam was just one of the opportunities i needed to inspire me in writing and being with people i love and really enjoying everyones company was something i needed to be completely there for and not have my mind on other things.

Opportunity can come in so many different shapes and sizes, you never truly know when or why one will pop up but when it does there is nothing wrong with taking it with full force. Every opportunity is a chance for something special and great and if you never take the chances your life becomes dull and repetitive, trust me i was stuck in a never ending cycle for a long time, constantly complaining and wanting to escape but never taking the leap i needed to get me out of that funk. Last week i started a new job and left my old job which i had been at for 3 and a half years, i started there when i was 17 years old and could practically say i was raised there, i learnt so much in those years and am so grateful for that, but i got to a stage where i needed an out. i was so comfortable that i wasn’t taking on any new challenges, i stopped learning things and i started to look at my job as a chore and had no drive to succeed, yes this is a mental state and i could of changed it with a bit of perseverance but on the other hand great things come from escaping your comfort zones, so that is what i did. Life is not meant to be lived in one job, one house, one country, it is meant to be lived testing the waters of new environments and experiencing everything you possibly can in the short time we all have. If anyone out there is having the same sort of feelings in their job or relationship or house – change it up, try something new and when an opportunity arises – Take it god damn it, you never know until you try.

On the other hand i am not saying every opportunity needs to be life changing, everything that happens to us everyday is a form of opportunity because in reality all the things that occur to us daily is an open door of what we want to make it, this really just leads back into having a positive mindset – when you have a positive mindset you can take every single thing that happens to you and change it into something beautiful. Every situation you are currently in is created through your thoughts.

I know this blog post isn’t a very long one this week but i hope you can still take something away from it. On a side note i created a Zen Den in my bedroom this weekend, I really wanted to create a space in my home that i could come to whenever i have had a bad day or i am feeling stressed to reconnect me with all of my favourite things, i have placed my favourite candles, my vision board and all of my books in this area, i will also be adding a pillow so i can use this space for my meditation as well. This space is something i am very proud of and i recommend everyone to give it a go, it doesn’t have to be a huge area, like i said i am only using a small area in my bedroom but it just makes wherever you are feel a lot more homely and meaningful to you. Let me know how you go!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Sending Love always!

Tameka xxx


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