Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mum’s out there! I hope today was filled with even more love than you already receive every other day.

I thought this week in honour of mothers day i would do a little mums special because lets get real, without them we wouldn’t be here and they deserve an award for everything they put up with day to day. To make this post possible this week i asked some of my nearest and dearest questions about being a mum and got a little insight to their thoughts on parent hood so i would like to thank Ashlee, Jess, Jen, Charlotte, My Aunty Bec & of course my own Mother who will pretty much be the star of the show today.

I thought it would be appropriate to ask some of my best friends about being mothers as they became parents at such a young age, as if becoming responsible for a mini me wasn’t daunting enough, doing it in your teenage years can be even scarier, well thats what i thought anyway but when i asked the girls what their first reactions were it was mixed, I had Ashlee and Charlotte who were both really calm about becoming pregnant and knew straight away that it was what they wanted and what they were ready for and then i had Jen and Jess who were both a bit conflicted and terrified of the thought, regardless when i continued with the questions and asked them if they had any regrets there was none that regretted their beautiful babies and that shows the true mother in each one of them, Each so different in many ways but collectively have the same instincts and undying love for their children. Charlotte explained her love for her daughter in the most perfect way, well i thoughts so anyway, she said “When she’s grumpy and overtired and I’m rocking her and pacing the room intensely, I feel like i am losing my mind and am this close to having a mental breakdown, In that exact moment i dislike her a great deal – and then the very next minute that dislike has completely disappeared and is replaced with utter love and obsession with this perfect beauty asleep in my arms, the emotions are overwhelming.” To me that is the perfect summary of motherhood how from the moment they are born they test you to the point where you think you just can’t do it anymore, your tired, your cranky, your sore and all you want to do is erupt but in the next split second it all goes away and you look at them with an overwhelming amount of love and nothing could ever be stronger than the way you feel about your own child, your own flesh and blood. I do believe this is the same for fathers but in a very different sense. Well Ladies you already know but i take my hat off to you every day, you are all incredible mothers and human beings!

My Aunty Bec played a major part in my upbringing, she is my mums best friend and they have known each other for around 24 years or so, so naturally i called her Aunty, if i wasn’t with my own mum i was at her house and still to this day she treats me as her first born, she even tells her own kids that! The memories i share with this woman and her family mean so much to me and i think of her as a true super mum having 4 kids that she runs around after day in and day out, while working full time and running a household, In my Aunty Bec’s words “Its Busy, Chaotic, Messy and sometimes completely overwhelming (and thats just the mornings!)” i don’t know how you do it crazy lady but you do it so well and you have 4 amazing kids to show for it, who i consider as my own brothers and sister. Having not only one mum but two growing up is more than i could of ever imagined so to you i say thank you!

To all the people out there today who don’t get to spend their day with their mums i couldn’t imagine how it would feel but all i can hope is that you do surround yourself with as much love as possible because there is nothing better than being surrounded by all the people that mean the world to you, if you cannot show your love to your mother today in person show love to the rest of your family and friends and know that they will show you the same on a day like this. My own mum and Aunty Bec lost their mothers quite a few years ago, when i asked them of their best memory with them they both named a time when their mothers were most at peace, this was the way they wanted to remember them and always will, it makes this day just a little bit easier when you remember all the beautiful times that you shared with them.

Now, Mandy Anderson, boy do i have a lot to say about you, I know what you are all thinking she’s about to ramble on about how great her mother is, and yes you would be correct because this woman deserves more than a mug and singing card in bed in the morning and some pub grub for lunch, this woman deserves everything good in this world, she deserves so much more credit than she is ever given. Since i was about 18 my mum has been my absolute best friend, my rock. I am not going to lie and say she has been my best friend my whole life because there were times there before i was mature enough to realise her worth that i literally thought i could kill her and i have no doubt in my mind that she thought the same about me, but ever since i turned 18 she has been the person i turn to for absolutely everything from “Mum i just dropped a candle on my carpet and i don’t know how to get the wax out?” (she drove to my house at 9pm at night to prevent me from having a mental breakdown abut this FYI) to “Mum, i am absolutely stranded in Broadbeach smashed off my head and i need you to pick me up ASAP, and before you say anymore i have spent every cent to my name so no i cannot call a cab and yes i am aware that it is 4am” she is there for me no matter what the problem is she is also there for me no matter what the positive is, she is my biggest support, my biggest fan and for that i cannot thank her enough! My whole life i have had people come up to me and say “your mum is the best”, “i wish your mum was my mum” and i never really thought much of it, i thought they were just saying it to suck up her backside to be honest with you but in the last year i have had more than just my friends telling me how great she is, i have had some of her friends pull me aside and say” Tameka you don’t realise how much your mum helps me just get through my day to day life”, “your mum is one of the best people i know” when people say this to me now all i can do is stop and thank them for seeing this in her, it is overwhelming the amount of people that have love for this woman and to be honest it makes me nothing short of proud to be her daughter and to stand by her side until the very end. I sat mum down during the last week and asked her what the best memory she has with both Mitchell and myself and the very first thing that came to her mind was September 8th, 2005, The day Mitchell was born, not that i remember this day to its entirety as i was only 10 years old but she said she will never forget the look on my face when i walked into the hospital room to meet my baby brother, she describes it as a kid in a candy store, my face lit up and the excitement was so real! The love she felt that day was one of the many beautiful moments in mother hood watching your two children bond for the first time and see them so in love with one another.

Well Mum you have absolutely out done yourself in the parenthood department i can tell you that much. When i asked you “what is one thing you want me to do for you right now?” and you said “love me unconditionally.” well lady all i can say is you got it forever and a day, i know i can speak for mitchell on this as well but you will always be the most important person in our lives and as long as we are on this earth you will never be alone you have had a rough past couple of years and I’m starting to see you come out the other end stronger than ever. we really lucked out with getting you as our mum and we are grateful for it every day! Happy Mothers day, I love you endlessly!



Sending Love Always,

Tameka xxx


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