Looking Good To Feel Good!


Hello Five Letter Friends!

It is me, I have returned, better than ever! I haven’t been near nor far lately but i have been super happy, positive, excited, whatever other word you can think of to describe this euphoric state that i am in 24/7. For real though obviously i haven’t posted in about a month which i have seem to be addressing in the last couple of blogs, i sort of come back then disappear again, i have come to the decision every week is not happening for my Creative side anymore, when you first start something like this you have ideas literally falling out of your head and on to the screen, Then as time gets on these ideas slow down, life also gets busy, so posts will definitely still be coming but not as frequently, just when i decide on something to write about. With that being said lets get on with it…

As you can see by the title i am having a ramble about looking good to feel good! so many situations have popped up in the last week that i was like “yes, this is it! this is an important thing to talk about.” Sometimes looking good for any one person is not a priority, this can simply be because you don’t have time, which for most of us is very limited these days, and for good reason. We cram as much into each day as possible in fear that life is passing us by and we are not getting the most out of it, but how many times a day do you walk past a mirror and truly shock yourself at the state you let yourself walk out of the house in. Honey, don’t worry i think at one stage there i was walking out of the house with last nights drool dried up on my face, TMI? Sorry. But honestly, this happens and we just become so accustomed to being this way that eventually it puts a dampen on our moods, confidence and self love. How many times a week do you wear clothes that you feel good in, or style your hair so it doesn’t look like a pigeons nest, or just put some mascara and concealer on so you don’t look like your living off 2 hours sleep max? i know for some people your sitting there like, “Damn, how old is my child again, because i definitely haven’t bothered with makeup or nice clothes since they started eating pureed food” and you know what, that is completely fine too!! in no way is this post to shame anyone who literally doesn’t want to dress up but it is a little something that may have you changing the way you look at yourself. For many Woman makeup, Clothes and perfume are things that make you feel a certain way about yourself, with the right tools you can change yourself into someone that gives off a completely different vibe and i know that majority of you can’t deny that when you doll yourself up and catch yourself in that mirror you stop, stare and have a moment of appreciation this is what we call, Self Love!

This post sort of takes off from my first one on Self worth but Looking good to feel good is such a simple and easy thing to do to boost your self confidence every once in a while, it doesn’t need to be done every single day but when it is, it can have you on a high for days afterwards, and who doesn’t love feeling good about themselves? I was on the phone to my Best friend the other day, and we were discussing how we sometimes just get in a funk of feeling bad about the way we look or the food we eat and sometimes this feeling lasts months before we can get back on track, we lose sight of our self love completely. I sat back and had a think and couldn’t remember the last time i truly put on a full face of makeup, which for people who know me, you know i love makeup! i went through an utter obsession stage and every single weekend i would make plans to have a night out just so i could enjoy the getting ready part of the night, This was something i loved doing because once we were all ready we would get dressed and take photos and everyone felt so good about themselves, some people think this is vain but i think this is the perfect example of feeling good about yourself whether its when you have a full face and fancy clothes on or when your sitting on the lounge with a bag of potato chips watching repeats of Friends, whatever floats your boat.

When i started my new job it was a massive change for me, i went from working in an office of 8 people to working in an office of 120 people, at my old work i could rock up in jeans, an old t-shirt and my hair in what i thought was an OK bun, now that i look back it was horrific, my mirror must of been malfunctioning at the time, i also did not wear any makeup mainly because my skin was and still is not at its greatest, which i will talk about in a second, but moving to a massive office that is corporate and a well oiled machine i realised i needed to step up my appearance not because that is whats in the contract but when you move to an environment like that and you actually want to excel in your career and impress the people you work with, you need to dress like you are there to impress them, right? so thats exactly what i started doing. I wouldn’t say I’m completely corporate, i don’t do well with heels i must say, an ankle high boot with a tiny heel is my max but i now walk out of my house every morning with my hair straightened AND brushed! and i manage to put some makeup on to cover my angry skin, i walk into that office every day to look and feel my best so that i can give off the vibe that I’m ready to really build myself up there, which i think is important for anyone who has career goals. My skin has been a major downfall for me over the past two and a half years and i can easily say it has caused serious impacts on my self confidence, i went from living my whole life with absolutely perfect skin and i would constantly get compliments on how nice my skin was. Unfortunately i made the decision to get the Bar put into my arm (Implanon – Contraception) which unbalanced my hormones and ultimately caused my skin to become very angry with me. After years of trying everything under the sun to get it sorted I am going to see a dermatologist to go on a medication that has cured 80% of peoples acne – thankful to finally have this fixed so i can go back to feeling like myself again.

Basically wherever you are in your life right now, you could feel great about yourself or you can be in the self loathing stage. Looking your best to feel your best is so easy and if it makes you feel the slightest bit better about yourself than why not continue doing it, make the effort to show up for yourself, allow yourself to feel good once in a while, because i tell you, if you feel good, everyone around you will pick up on that vibe and the compliments will roll in and who doesn’t love a good compliment, and while I’m on that, ACCEPT compliments! This is something i have made a conscious effort of doing this year, when someone pays me a compliment i simply thank them, by doing this i have learned that someone has gone out of their way to say something nice to me, and if they have brightened my day by that compliment a Thank you is the least i can do for them, I will even try to compliment them back, its honestly contagious! Try it some time.

That is pretty much all i have to say on this subject, i hope you can take something away from it, maybe you will make some plans for your Saturday night so you can dress up or maybe you will go to work tomorrow in your best clothes, just do whatever makes you feel amazing!

I thought why not do a little catch up at the end here, i can let you know whats been happening this month, not that my life is over the top exciting haha! But i can say, my oh my, i have been the happiest i have been in a long time, everything is coming together so nicely, my work life is amazing, this is the first time in three and a half years i don’t go home stressed every night, and the people i work with are so lovely so it makes the job more enjoyable, my friends are all great! so many exciting things happening for them, i have two having babies! one is due next week, that was actually one of the commitments i spoke of in my last blog, I threw a little baby sprinkle for her at the start of this month (I will include Pics from the day down the bottom) and although i was stressing about everything being perfect the day turned out just as i imagined and she thanked me at the end for making it so relaxing for her, so I’m glad that turned out well. I have a few other things happening over the next week which i will report on in my next blog. I told you guys in my “5 points of positivity” blog to watch this space on my health an fitness, well! I started Personal Training about 3 weeks ago and i am loving it more and more each time i go, which is a huge thing for me, i have never taken to sport or the gym mainly because i wasn’t accountable for going every day, so i decided the best thing for me would be personal training because it is one on one and set times each week so i can’t let anyone down, especially not myself this time, so that is something exciting too. I have also been focusing on my food Majorly, I am a girl who loves takeaway food, McDonalds especially, Guilty Pleasure. I’m not ashamed to admit that and for the past two weeks, i have not had McDonald’s once, i don’t know who i am anymore, who is this new and improved woman! To be honest i haven’t even craved it, which is too suspicious for me. Anyway! enough about my life, I’m pretty boring but i will keep posting about my PT and Diet over the next couple of blogs, might help me stay accountable for it this time which is ultimately what i need.

I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of their week & I hope everyone feels beautiful in general!


Sending Love & Light

Tameka xxx


Ashlee’s Baby Sprinkle 2017 –




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