Hello From Me

Hello Readers,

My name is Tameka Anderson and i am a 21 year old Australian girl that is absolutely thrilled you have come across her page!

I started Five Letter Destination in hope of sharing some of the knowledge i have with the world and if i could throw some of my personal experiences in there with it to make it more relatable that is just a bonus. This journey is one that i want to take for a long time as i feel so passionately about living a positive life in all aspects and inspiring people to want to do the same.

I came up with the name Five Letter destination after focusing a lot of my energy on finding my own Happiness and what it meant to be Happy, Once i realised that being happy is what comes from within you and not from your outer circumstances it all became so clear to me, happiness and being happy is what everybody is searching for in life ‘Happy’ is the Five Letter Destination.

I really do hope you enjoy the various things i talk about on here and i hope you can take something away from reading them, if you do thats my job done and its brings me fulfilment and happiness. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on anything i post asking questions or suggestions for topics you would like me to cover.


Sending love always,


Tameka xxx