5 Points of Positivity

Positivity is something that i would say 70% of people are truly lacking in their lives and it is usually because instead of trying to turn their negative situation/ thought into a positive one they sit and dwell in it for as long as possible in hope that it will give them some sense of relief at the end. Well unfortunately this is not the case, instead of relieving them of some sort of anguish at the end it brings more heartache and shitty situations that you have continue to dwell on and stay in the never ending cycle of unhappiness.

Positivity can be a hard thing to teach yourself and some days you just don’t want to do it and it seems easier to be miserable, been there, done that, would never go back to that again. Honestly i spent the better half of my life dwelling on everything bad and not appreciating the amazingness that is my life and how much love i have to give, it gives me goosebumps thinking about everything good i have right now. Take a second now to think about all the things, people, places, feelings that you love and everything that is going right for you, while you are doing that you are harnessing the power of positivity, keep doing this day in and day out, before you get out of bed, before you sleep, before you eat every meal, before you start your car, while you brush your teeth, while you are working, every second chance you have! Here are my 5 points of Positivity and things you can use every day to improve the mental funk you may be in.

  1. Educate Yourself – Books, Documentaries, seminars, expo’s, course’s whatever floats your boat, but start investing some of your spare time into understanding your mental state or about life in general, why we function the way we do and what certain feelings mean. Once you have an insight to your own emotions and feelings you will be able to control them a lot better and change your way of thinking. Besides reading books about positivity and mental state, just books in general pick up a new non fiction book or an auto biography something to stimulate your mind and take you away from negative thoughts. Attend Expo’s or Seminars on things you are interested in, you might be building a new home and want to attend the Home and Garden expo for Inspiration on your planning or you might want to attend the Mind body Spirit festival (Side note: I attended that this year and have to say so myself it was amazing and such a fun day looking at products, having psychic readings and attending Meditation sessions, Highly recommend) Whatever your heart desires to educate yourself and stimulate the mind, do it!
  2. Meditation – I know some people are not into meditation and to them it can seem pointless but this is one of the key factors to controlling your thoughts. When you are in a state of meditation you are in absolute control of your thoughts, this is when you are in complete consciousness and can see or feel exactly what you want. At first i thought Meditation was a bit daunting because there is no one there to really tell you if you are doing it correctly, you are the only one who can see inside your head but once you let go of expectation this becomes a relaxing and insightful exercise, and has been proven as a form of rehabilitation for people suffering severe forms of depression and Anxiety, it must work right? Depending on how much time you want to set aside you can meditate for 5 minutes or 1 hour it really is how you feel at the time as to how long you want to do it for. If i can make any recommendations it would be to download the App Smiling Minds, this is a meditation app that has all sorts of Guided meditations and can take you through courses on it, they will tell you exactly what to do all you need to do is relax and breathe. One of the best tips i took away from the guided mediations was the breathing exercise they do with you, i now use this every single day especially when i am driving. How many times are you driving along and you arrive at your destination with no recollection how you got there? Its like a total time blank, this happens because you are not in a conscious state, your mind has taken you to other places, other worries or matters it sees as more important (our mind really does control us, its time we control it) as you could imagine this is not safe nor ideal while you are driving. Next time you are driving try this – Start breathing deeply, in and out, in and out, and really focus on the air flowing in and out of your nose or your belly going up and down, whatever you choose to focus on, really feel it and focus hard and count your breaths up to 20. Breathe in 1, breathe out 2, breathe in 3, breathe out 4 carry this on to 20 and then count backwards from 20 doing the same thing. This is the easiest way to bring you back into consciousness and to be completely aware of your surroundings, i promise if you do this daily you will not have any more black out car trips, you will feel a lot safer and relaxed at the end of your journey.
  3. Spend time Outdoors – Sounds simple? Well it is, just go outside more, take a walk daily or eat your lunch outside, fresh air, the sound of birds, green grass it can become a lot more calming than you think. i think that open spaces make people feel relaxed and a lot less refined a bit like what your life should be, relaxed and not refined by any means. Your life should be large and full of abundance remember that, abundance of love, light and happiness! Taking a daily walk whether it be in the morning or in the evening this releases all of your happy endorphins, its the same with any sort of exercise really, which leads me to my next point…
  4. Exercise & Diet – This is my downfall, I’m going to upfront and honest here i SUCK at exercise and diet, maybe thats because i look at my life as needing an abundance of McDonalds and Sleep ins? i don’t know but it feels right you know. But in all seriousness Diet and Exercise is proven scientifically to improve the mental state of a human, when i have been on a diet and consistently exercising i have noticed a massive improvement in my emotions being more stable and controlled and your motivation and confidence sky rockets, which who doesn’t love that? maybe i should start changing my food and exercise plans again… Watch this space, ill see how i go lol.
  5. Fifth and Final and the MOST important, people, Gratitude! – be grateful for everything! Find something today that you would usually complain about and turn it into a reason to be grateful then do it with another thing and another thing, and keep going until you feel a shift within yourself, you will feel it, it feels like a weight is being lifted and you fill up with joy, Best feeling Ever!!!! Today I’m choosing to be grateful for the Dust on my fan, you want to know why? because it has given me a reason to clean my room, and when my room is clean i feel organised, motivated and all round happy to start my week fresh. Its as simple as that, gratitude, live it, learn it, breathe it.

Writing this Post has really reminded me how i started out on my journey of positivity and the steps i took to get where i am now and to be honest some of the above i haven’t been practising every day but this has given me the motivation to start back up to really give myself that extra boost. I hope you all enjoyed this one and if you try one or all of them let me know how, when and why in the comments. I also would love to hear other peoples suggestions on how they keep their mind clear of negativity if they are having a bad day. I am Always grateful for everyone supporting me on my Five letter destination journey so today i would like to say an extra special thank you to everyone who reads, it really does mean the world to me and hearing words of encouragement or that you have taken something away from what i have to say fills me with utter joy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Sending love,

Tameka xxx


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